Xanax Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

Xanax addiction can be fatal so it must be relieved right away. Symptoms of withdrawals from it must be learned for necessary solutions to be offered for those who are addicted to Xanax.

What is Xanax?

Manufactured by Pfizer, Xanax is a depressant for central nervous system. This drug is usually prescribed to treat patients suffering from anxiety disorders. These drugs can make a person feel relaxed right away so it is no doubt addictive. It is important to note that an overdose from Xanax can be dangerous.

Xanax Addiction and Withdrawal

When Xanax is used for a long time, the user can develop an increased tolerance. This causes the person to need more doses for them to be satisfied. The user can also experience withdrawal, which includes painful symptoms, once the intake is abruptly stopped. Withdrawal usually leads to addiction since the user needs more of a dose to avoid suffering and to recreate relaxation.

Xanax Abuse Side Effects


Easily irritated


Abnormal sweating

Urination problems


Feeling drowsy

Increase of saliva

Feeling faint


Sleeping difficulty

Slurred speech

Muscle cramps

Blurred visions


Decreased libido

Lowered inhibitions

Cannot concentrate well



Poor coordination

Tremor or twitching

Yellow eyes or skin

Feeling Suicidal

Joint pain

Muscle cramps


Dry mouth



Great depression

Vivid dreams

Panic attacks

Feeling of discomfort


Being moody

An addict may also have a change in appetite that leads to loss or gain of weight.

The signs that show a person is abusing Xanax also include the increase of dosages without a prescription from the doctor, change in intake management, and some unusual behavior. Some of the symptoms an individual may experience when overdosing on these drugs are fainting, extreme weakness, coma, confusion, loss of balance and difficulty with respiration.

How to Treat Xanax Addiction

In treating Xanax addiction, patients must not stop their drug intake abruptly. This will worsen the problem instead of helping the person to recover. Rather, the best treatment for persons addicted to Xanax is a slow and gradual lessening of the drug intake. This can be done with a Xanax Pre Ion, a special drug that causes the body to minimize the reaction while it is conditioned to take lesser drugs.

Aside from the lessening of the dosage, medical detox must also follow after abstinence has begun. This can be done with a facility for a certain amount of time until the patient recovers. This is very important and highly recommended, especially if a rather severe habit has formed.

Moreover, the patient must undergo psychological and physical checkups. This is to ensure that the patient is getting better. There are few cases that the patient goes back to the addiction so this must be done to avoid those possibilities. The physical addiction is only one surface aspect of a developed addiction.

Xanax addiction must be treated as early as possible. This is because the longer the time that the addict is not treated; the harder it is for him to recover to his normal state. The worst case scenario is that the patient may not recover at all, or and end up with severe health conditions, or perhaps trouble with the law through trying to feed the addiction.

If not treated in time, the addiction to Xanax might even cause death. This is serious so individuals showing the symptoms must be rehabilitated right away. Rehabilitation centers might be a bit expensive but they are the best place to bring persons suffering from this addiction. The centers have the right facilities and specialists who can surely give the proper treatment for the patient.