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I would like to focus with you today about an anti-anxiety medication known as Klonopin. Klonopin is a member of the Benzodiazepine family of medications which work to combat anxiety. Benzodiazepine’s such as Klonopin work to slow the central nervous system quickly to provide relief from someone suffering from anxiety. Klonopins method of action is to bind itself to the brains GABA receptor, and then slow the brains functions. This provides a more calm state of mind for someone who is constantly nervous, self conscious, or has frequent anxiety attacks.

Like all other drugs in its class, its one that cannot be accessed over the counter. A doctor´┐Żs prescription is thus essential. With a prescription, there is the examination of your medical history. If you have some kidney disease, liver disease, glaucoma or depression in your past, then you are not allowed to take the drugs for the fear of alleviating the conditions. Medically Klonopin is used to relieve the short term effects of anxiety or related conditions. Continued intake usually results in tolerance which is highly undesired.

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Klonopin is not recommended for the elderly, young children, people with personality disorders, and people at risk for substance abuse. Klonopin should not be taken at doses higher than 2mg as this can increase the likelihood of bad effects. Its effects on the fetus are unknown and should be generally avoided during pregnancy. Klonopin users should not drive a car or operate heavy machinery as this can increase the risk of injury or serious accidents from its sedative effects.