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As more doctors are diagnosing their patients with varying sleep disorders, they have been promoting an oral drug called Provigil that is meant to alleviate the disorder and promote more brain power. This drug that is being given to patients who are experiencing some type of sleep disorder are finding this drug is helping their brain to think more clearly. By Provigil lifting the user’s brain out of the foggy state that they have been experiencing the body itself is reacting in a natural state of existence. That is because Provigil affects the nervous system of the brain which alters the mindset of the patient allowing the brain to function more efficiently.

By altering the mindset of the patient the brain becomes more alert causing the body to be sensitive to the things going on around the individual. This improvement of brain power that this drug offers the user comes at a stake that many people are willing to deal with in order to feel rested and improve their brain’s capabilities. With Provigil altering the nervous system through the brain patients are taking a risk of experiencing some of the common side effects in order to receive this type of brain improvement. Some of the most shared side effects which let the user know that Provigil is working but that their body is not accepting this new brain altering drug in their system are having a fever, rash, headache or even a sore throat.

Though these are minor side effects that someone may experience in order to sleep better and feel fully awake during the day so that they can operate at full capacity, there are some side effects that should not be ignored by the user. If the user begins to experience any type of aggressive mood swing, they should consult with their doctor. It is the possible mood swings that a patient can experience that causes the doctor to prescribe Provigil for a few weeks at a time to any patient who wants to improve their brain’s functionality. Doctors realize that by altering the brain in order to awaken the central nervous system the drug may trigger other parts to the brain and cause them to intertwine. With Provigil being a prescribed drug that will improve a person’s brain power by merely improving the nervous system through the body by awakening the brain from a restful state many patients are looking forward to having a more active brain throughout the day.